IDE Education Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou (IDE) is a founding member of global education program InventFuture.Global, and an affiliate member of Invention Convention Coalition.

Associated with worldwide invention and entrepreneurship education programs, we provide students an international platform of exhibition and communication. We hold Invent Future Invention Convention (IFIC) annually, inspiring student inventors and entrepreneurs to achieve the integration of knowledge into practice, to acquire new knowledge and skills, and thus complete and share their inventions which possess social and commercial impact as well as a cultural soul. In this way, students would be a solid and active contributor to the society. We also provide schools and educators education programs and worldwide professional development oppotunities.


IDE is supported by professionals in varies industry from different countries, who we called IDEer. They are founder of education robotics theory, architect of IT company, VC, designer, consultant, and so on. Thank IDEer’s support and effort, that makes us be able to inspire our next generation.

Please join us to inspire our future innovation force.

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